The Timeless Classic in Modern Aesthetics

Featuring a watch belonged to a friend of mine, the Nomos Ludwig 35

I've been lucky enough that a friend of mine allowed me to try this watch for quite some time. Honestly at first glance, I would've thought that it's too skinny looking, the lugs looks a bit long, and maybe it's too simple. However, after wearing it for a week (and I've been looking closely to the watch every time) , I begun to notice that Nomos have a very special presence on the wrist, and here's why.

First time you look at it, you might say that this is quite plain, a roman numerals dial with the "railroad" circling the dial, but then you starting to realize little pieces that would make you a bit more intrigued.

Rather than a plain and flat grey dial, the silver colors really starts to show the metallic details under closer look. You would see that the sub-second dial are positioned lower than the dial, but look more closely. The sub-second dial are ever so thinly grazed with a radial pattern ( that would be rather difficult to spot when you first laid eyes on the watch without a seriously closer look ). Yes, you might noticed that the blued hands, but when we took a closer look at the hands, it actually shows a rather smooth shape at the axis of the hands, even in the sub-second hands. It's really shows that Nomos put a well executed components in their watches.

They also displayed a very classic and old way of writing the roman numerals, using IIII as a 4 rather than IV. While this was certainly is not uncommon to see in a lot of renowned watch brands out there, it shows that Nomos as a relatively "new" watch brand (founded in 1990) pays attention and homage to the long kept watchmaking traditions.

Of course, talking about this watch is not complete yet until you turn the watch and be amazed by the sapphire caseback. It shows how beautiful Nomos' manual winding movement can be, with a high quality finishing, geometrical lines, blued screws, exposed sapphires, and definitely the gold engraved Nomos on the movement. This is truly the eye-candy for the owners of the watch.

Overall, the experience of wearing the Nomos Ludwig 35 is best described as wearing a well made German engineered piece on your wrist. The identity of the Bauhaus aesthetics, beautifully made from quality components and watchmaking. If you're worried about the watch being to "dressy", don't be. It still feels great and not out of tune when you're rocking this watch in your daily office work, casual dining, and so on. Here are some details about the watch that you could also find in their website.

Nomos Ludwig Ref.201

Case : stainless steel, tripartite stainless steel back Glass : sapphire crystal glass

Movement : In-house caliber Alpha, manual wind, up to 43h

Dimensions : diameter 35.0 mm, height 6.3 mm, lug-to-lug 45.0 mm, lug width 18.0 mm Water resistance : 3 atm (splash-proof) Dial : galvanized, white silver-plated

Hands : steel, tempered blue

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